The only way is up



About FOMO

Fomo, short for “Fear Of Missing Out”, is an exponentially increasing coin based on the Ethereum platform.




The core idea of FOMO is based on a so called "wave by wave" system in which the value of the token exponentially rises in 10% increments after 1000 tokens are traded through the decentralised exchange.

The value is automatically set by the ethereum contract according to which wave is currently in progress. The idea behind this is that there's no limit as to how many waves are triggered.

An additional touch that makes Fomo an attractive token is the presence of dividends. A part of every minting ETH income is shared to all Fomo holders. Dividends are split in percentiles, meaning whoever owns most Fomo, will get the largest percentile of the dividend share.

Due to the nature of the contract, all tokens will be traded on the decentralised exchange. It is run on the ethereum network, which means that once it has been launched, nobody can stop it.


For a more in depth look into the inner workings of the contract take a look into our detailed whitepaper. In case you have any questions please visit our FAQ section down below.


How to purchase

Purchasing FOMO is easy. First of all you will need to download Metamask into your browser in order to connect to the Ethereum network, a link to the official download page is included on the decentralised exchange. Click the button below!



Why does this coin coesxist?

We were fed up with investing in a cryptocurrency and then seeing it lose value so we decided to create one where it isn’t technically possible.

How does the growth work exactly?

Every 1000 tokens traded (sold and bought) the price rises by 10%. For example if you buy tokens at $2,00 and wait until the “wave breaks”, then you will be able to sell your tokens for $2,20, not a cent lower or higher. This ensures a stable exponential growth and erases any chances of you selling your tokens with a loss.

How do the dividends work?

Every transaction contains a small amount of Fomo tokens supplied by us. We then send Ethereum into a so called “dividend pool”. Based on the amount of Fomo tokens you own you can then withdraw a part of the Ethereum contained in the pool on the exchange page.

What is metamask and why do I need it?

Metamask is a web browser extension which allows you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node. What this basically means is that Metamask allows you to access your wallet through your browser and execute transactions on the Ethereum network.